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Welcome to the Wood Turtle Breeder Registry!   

    The Wood Turtle Breeder Registry was established in 2003 to facilitate the
     reproduction of captive wood turtles.  The goal of the Registry is to promote
     the propagation, exchange, and sale of captive wood turtles; thereby,
     decreasing the demand for wild-caught specimens.  
     Specific objectives of the Breeder Registry include:

  •  Provide a Registry of individuals and organizations engaged in, or working  towards, the captive propagation of North American wood turtles.

  •  Provide a list of breeders which have, or anticipate having, surplus wood
     turtles available for breeding loans, research, exchange, or sale.

  •  Provide a listing of breeders offering 'stud' services.
  •  Enable breeders to locate wood turtles originating from known locations to  conserve specific gene pools; alternatively, to enable breeders to diversify
     gene pools in order to selectively breed for coloration, size, etc.

    Please note that the availability of captive-bred turtles is seasonal and
    undoubtedly in limited supply...   Please consult international, federal, state,
    or provincial fish & wildlife regulations about potential permit requirements
    where you live.